NNU T-Shirt Challenge III

Intro, Rules & Prizes

Welcome to I Rock NNU T-Shirt Better season III.

We have decided to leave Instagram with hashtag and run the contest on a standard and standalone well secure platform without bot or automation engagement. We call out to interested audience and participants to join the move as we upgrade our mode of operation.

iContest.ng is a brand new contest platform base in Nigeria. It is an innovation contest platform that focus on social impact, inspire and support creative idea for new products and services, providing support, recognition, funding, and to interdisciplinary individual of social media users both student, graduate, working class, bloggers or anyone who have creative solutions to address pressing social challenges.

iContest platform is flexible, simple and offers seamlessly well program with state of the art management.
Equipped with high security voting system which is covered by 9 layers of fraud protection and also every file is protected against bots, hackers, automatic script which result to a well management of vote which can be track down by IP address, country, user or even email address for high performance contest collation of result and judging. Participant performance are automatically determine by iContest system with transparent ranking that shows to 5 winners and also moderated by real human on daily basis.

The operation is very simple, friendly and interesting. Contestant or participant simply need to register on the platform using a valid email address, upload your photo(s), copy your contest link and share with your friends and family to support you, share the love, vote for you and stand a chance of winning. Users with the highest votes wins and get instant cash prize.

5 winners are selected on each contest on iContest.ng as seen from the image below.

So are you an influencer? Do you have what it takes to win this contest? If yes, get NNU T-shirt, take a picture of yourself wearing the shirt, sign up for this contest, upload your photo and share your link with your audience to vote for you.

Warning: iContest administrators has put enough security functions in place to avoid cheating and fraudulent act. We also keep eyes on the operation of the voting system to avoid misconduct as we check on all IPs casting vote on the system. One IP, one vote. If a campaign receive multiple votes from one IP, anonymous IP, VPN and proxies, that is cheating, our moderators will remove the vote and the contestant can also be disqualified.

Entry starts on 1st February, 2019

Vote and contest ends on 28th February, 2019

Looking for how to get NNU T-Shirt?

Contact the following users to place order for your copy in a location nearest to you.

Mariam 07063139613 - Edo State - Benin City
Williams 08166169415 - Ekiti State
Abigail 08050643304 - Lagos -Ikeja
Prince 08101551081 - Lagos - Lekki
Segun 09074577191 - Ondo State - Akure - FUTA
Moses 08176361051 - Nazarawa , Abuja
Emmanuel 08037803246 - Delta State - Warri
Stanislaus 08162199026 - Ebonyi State - Abakaliki
Michael 08035327117 - Osun State - Ile Ife - OAU
Amoye 08129669247 - Osun - OAU
Chris 07062434715 - Enugu
Uzoma 08037859257 - Anambra State
Andrew 08072683714 - Kogi State
Samuel 08065644431 - PH and Abia State
Joy     08141250105 Imo State Owerri -Nekede
Paul 08069080289 Taraba, Adamawa and Gombe
Dada     08122208387   Ibadan