iContest Nigeria

Welcome to Nigeria #1 contest platform

iContest Nigeria is an innovation contest platform that focus on social impact, inspire and develop creative idea for new products and services, providing support, recognition, funding, and to interdisciplinary individual of social media users both student, graduate, working class, bloggers or anyone who have creative solutions to address pressing social challenges.

Mission & Goals

To support innovative projects with promising potential for social impact, and foster a diverse pipeline of young innovators through a targeted outreach, support, and financial opportunities.

iContest encompasses both an education model and a creative platform. It trains individual to develop their ideas, transforms the way they think about their role in society, and provides them with funding and support to launch social ventures.

Unlike business plan competitions or innovation contests held on places, iContest aims to support anyone from all disciplines who are at the very beginning stages of developing an idea and creative online. Business plan competitions are designed to encourage and vet entrepreneurs. The iContest is designed to encourage and create a platform for global social changemakers and challenges competition. Winning participant can be entrepreneurial, but ultimately it’s not only about making money, it’s about creating social impact.

Program Management

The iContest program is powered and managed by G-Cyber Technologies in conjunction with NNU Income program and partnership affiliate promo of Whogohost, Transferwise, Bet9ja, Jumia, Aliexpress, Google and other business entities to improve global well-being by developing innovative and inspiring a new generation of change-makers.

Contest Structure & Requirements

iContest consists of different project idea, products and services with participant social influence to get the most love from the public and audience which result to participant chances of winning. Participant application focused on creativity and viability. Throughout the course of the competition, numerous events and resources are available to participants to facilitate their social influence skills development.

Outreach, Promotion & Marketing

The most effective outreach or promotion strategies are social media such of Facebook friends and followers, Twitter, Instagram followers, email campaigns, posters, advert on large audience platform and word of mouth. Promo or Announcement in a large audience platform work faster and also on news articles, events and other mode of social media are other good ways of spreading the word to get much love.

Judging & Security

iContest platform is flexible, simple and offers seamlessly well program with state of the art management.
Equipped with high security voting system which is covered by 9 layers of fraud protection and also every file is protected against bots, hackers, automatic script as we take security seriously to every single vote which can be track down by IP address, country, user or even email address for high performance contest collation of result and judging. Participant performance are automatically determine by iContest system with transparent ranking that shows to 5 winners.

Prize Awards

iContest prize money is an award for the impact. It is not a grant with requirements, benchmarks, and deliverables, but a monetary prize for articulating a self determination, impactful idea and influence skill of social media. 5 winners are selected on each contest and are typically receive an award cash prize ranging from ₦100,000, ₦50,000,
₦20,000 and ₦15,000.

Additional Contest Opportunities

Additional opportunities for participants or contestants are designed to build their social influence skill sets in a number of areas and take advantages of social media, online friends and followers. These events include product usage challenge, poster sessions, photos / video contests, and pitch contests.

Evaluation and Feedback

iContest conducts impact assessments that measure
1) the size and diversity of the applicant pool,
2) the transformative nature of the program on applicants, and
3) the amount of progress achieved by iContest winners to date.

iContest Sponsor & Support

iContest has established strong working partnerships with online and offline entrepreneurship support programs that seek to facilitate and scale social ventures including big companies in Nigeria and advertisement agencies to provide iContest with concrete post-contest opportunities.

It also leverages the growing social media network of sponsors and partners to stay engaged and continue to support iContest projects.